Astudiom is a new modern yoga studio, which offers
a unique Unnata® Aerial Yoga

Unnata® Aerial Yoga – absolutely new and innovative way to practice traditional yoga. It is an authentic yoga on the ground and in the air, with the support of a special hammock.

When using special hammocks, your body weight is partially or fully supported, which greatly helps to better understand and feel traditional asanas.

Refine and elevate your regular practice, exploring advanced postures (such as complete backbends and challenging inversions) that usually take many years to learn. Find a new way of yoga practice – fun, rapid and challenging!

Aerial yoga is deeply focused on the areas of chronic tension – shoulders, stomach, hips and back, relaxing and realigning them.

Concentrate on breath, pranayama and bandhas – which make your practice more conscious and deep. Experience true yoga – unifying mind, body and spirit. Expand balance, increase strength and deepen flexibility to integrate fluidity, grace and flow in your movements and life as a whole.

Unnata® Aerial Yoga is absolutely safe and recommended for all levels of experience, both beginning and advanced yoga practitioners. No previous background is needed.

We invite guests and locals of Island to take a class of Unnata® Aerial Yoga in Astudiom! Are you ready for a challenge?

We are also waiting for everyone who makes their first steps in Morning gentle flow yoga and those fond of Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Flow. Enjoy your practice!

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